Mizan LIVE - February Schedule

Mizān Institute presents our new sessions for Mizān LIVE; our Live Broadcast platform to discuss issues that matter to you.

This schedule is for February 2019 which will host two concurrent programs on a weekly basis.

Tuesdays we will be hosting Shaykh Mahdi Rastani on the topic of "Rulings on Wudhu, Ghusl & Tayammum"

Dates: February 5, 12, 19, 26

Wednesdays we will be hosting Shaykh Amin Rastani on the topic of "Shia Immamiyah Doctrine."

Synopsis: A series going over the doctrines of the Imamiyyah Shia faith in a concise manner, based on the book of Ayatullah Shaykh Jafar Subhani "Doctrines of Shi`i Islam: A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices"

Dates: February 6, 13, 27

*Note no session on February 20.

Join Shaykh Amin Rastani and Shaykh Mahdi Rastani and ask your questions to them directly. Check the flyer for your local broadcast time.

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