Video Library:

Here we have listed playlist of recorded Mizãn LIVE sessions for your benefit InshAllah.

  • Watch instructor Shaykh Amin Rastani’s playlist over the doctrines of the Imamiyyah Shia faith in a concise manner, based on the book of Ayatullah Shaykh Jafar Subhani "Doctrines of Shi`i Islam: A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices".

  • Watch instructor Shaykh Mahdi Rastani’s playlist over the Rulings & Secrets of Prayer. The daily prayer are of the utmost importance in Islam and described as the pillar of the faith. These sessions will delve into all the details of the conditions of prayer based on the latest fatwas of the respected Maraji in their respective Islamic law books.

  • Part 1 of instructor Shaykh Mahdi Rastani’s playlist over Rulings of the Conditions of Prayer. This course will focus more on the rulings with added parts of spiritual background.


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